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When resting on a 4-layer bed, even a five-minute nap will feel like eight hours of sleep. Every part has been designed with the aim of creating ideal sleeping conditions for the whole body, head to toe.

The bed-mattress sets the stage for a good night’s sleep, thanks to the ergo-base hidden inside. Together with the mattress, they are both responsible for supporting the heavier parts of the body, such as the waist and shoulders. The first top-mattress perfects the elasticity of the system, gently hugging every curve of the body. Finally, a second top-mattress, filled with goose down, adds a precious feeling of softness, even for the lighter parts of the body.

Enjoy perfect sleep every night, on your very own 4-layer bed.

Stage 1

Bed Mattress

Perfect body-weight support, thanks to the ergo-base

Stage 2

Mattress The heart of every bed, and our flagship product: completely natural and 100% metal-free, for maximum comfort

Stage 3

Top Mattress Exceptional elasticity for any mattress, responsible for the lighter parts of the body

Stage 4

Topper A graceful touch of softness

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