How to choose the right pillow

Why is choosing the right pillow so important?

Choosing the right pillow is equally important as choosing the right mattress. It is the last step that will perfect the support we need and that will complete a proper and unique sleep experience.
During sleep, our head and neck should remain in a similar position, as if we were standing upright. Force applied to the neck when lacking adequate support is commonly considered to be among the causes of cervical rib syndrome and back pain.
Therefore, choosing the right pillow is extremely important for a good restful night’s sleep.

How can we choose the right pillow?

The first thing we need to consider when choosing the right pillow is our sleeping preferences. For instance, if we usually lie on our back, our pillow should be more elastic in the middle so that it can better hold and support our head. When lying on our side, distance between shoulder and neck is 2.5 to 5 times greater than the distance our neck feels when lying on our back. So, if you prefer lying on your side when sleeping, your pillow should be thicker and less elastic in the central middle part. Besides our favorite sleeping position, we should also keep in mind that different body types have different needs. For example, a fully grown adult body needs more support than a growing child’s body. Moreover, the weight of our head, which accounts for 8% of our total body weight, is different from man to man and varies from 3.5 to 5.5 kgs.

Therefore, a tall, built figure requires bigger support for the head and neck when it compares with a shorter and lighter body. Finally, when choosing the right pillow, we should not forget to consider what mattress this pillow will go with. A more elastic mattress that follows our body’s curves works well with most pillows, whereas a harder or less elastic mattress calls for the use of thicker pillows to provide better support for our neck. Also, you can choose an even more elastic pillow if you are sleeping on a top-mattress as your top-mattress is further enhancing your mattress’s support provided to your body and neck.

How can we adjust our pillow to meet our needs?

Pillows filled with flakes of natural latex  can easily be adjusted to meet your individual needs and sleeping preferences. 
Thanks to the separate compartments and the zipper system, you can adjust your pillow’s volume and elasticity by removing or adding filling material.