However, a large percentage of them could be reused, helping vulnerable social groups and ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

In this context, for a few years now, we have been implementing the "COCO-MAT Cares" action.
Through the COCO-MAT Cares action, we assess the condition of the mattress that you no longer wish to have in your possession. If we judge that it can be reused, then we collect it and donate it to those who are in need.

If you have ordered a new COCO-MAT mattress and you have nothing to do with your old mattress, you can inform the store from where you made your order, so that at the time of delivery, its condition can be assessed.

If we judge that it has the potential to be reused, then our staff collects it and transports it to our warehouse. Then, following the priority order of the requests, we offer the mattresses, with our own transporters, where there is a need.
By giving life to our old mattress, we are given the opportunity to cover the living needs of our fellow human beings!