Factors such as body weight, sleeping position (whether on the belly, side, or back) and personal sleep preferences can influence the support your body needs.
Additionally, sleep preferences can change over time due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, a new partner, or evolving sleep habits. 
Most likely your partner has different sleep preferences, which makes unique personalized sleep solutions even more important.
Epicurus mattress includes three cassettes of different elasticity that can be rearranged in order to fit perfectly to your body type and sleep preferences.
The firm layer of coconut fibers at the bottom gives the necessary support, while the more elastic top layer on top of the 3 cassettes gently embraces your body.

Height: ± 27cm.
Natural Materials: natural latex, rubberized coconut fiber, horse hair, cactus fibers, seaweed
Outside cover: 100% knitted cotton
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 10 years*
Inside case: The mattress is placed inside a 100% cotton washable case with a perimetric zipper.
Advantage: A double mattress features three cassettes on both the left and the right side, allowing each partner to rearrange them and achieve their ideal level of support. Every double mattress, from 1.40 m and above, is cleverly composed of 2 single mattresses seamlessly united within an inner cotton case. This construction not only accommodates two people comfortably, enabling independent movement without disrupting each other's sleep but also simplifies maintenance and transport.

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What are the advantages of sleeping on a mattress without springs?

Sleeping on a metal-free mattress can offer several advantages over traditional spring mattresses.
Our mattresses offer more customized and accurate support. 
The secret to this exceptional support lies in the elasticity of the 
combination of different layers of natural materials. 
The mattress adapts to your body, not the other way around. 
Metal-free mattresses are more durable and longer-lasting compared to 
traditional spring mattresses. They tend to maintain their shape and support for an extended period.

Additionally, they eliminate potential sources of noise or creaking sounds, providing a quieter sleep environment. 
Last but not least, sleeping on springs might contribute to or cause harmful magnetic fields. There is ongoing research on electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their potential effects on human health.

Washing Instructions:

Wash at 30° C on delicate/wool program, no spinning.

Do not bleach.

Dry cleaning is allowed.

For best results, we recommend washing the cover with the zipper closed.

It is also advisable, before it dries completely, to gently stretch the cover, to minimize the chances of shrinking.

Dry in a shaded, ventilated area, preferably on a flat surface


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