Natural Materials


Inspired by mother nature, COCO-MAT uses exclusively natural and recyclable materials such as Cotton, Coconut, Natural latex, Seaweed, Eucalyptus, Wood, Horsehair, Linen, Wool, Cactus, and Lavender. 
Natural materials are besides being more eco-friendly also a healthier choice, reducing the risk of allergies, respiratory issues, and skin sensitivities that can be triggered by synthetic materials.
Natural materials often possess excellent breathability, allowing proper air circulation within the mattress and bed. This helps regulate your body temperature during sleep, creating a more comfortable sleep environment. 


Cotton - Light, comfortable, soft material which keeps us cool by allowing the body to breathe. A feel-good fabric and a natural hypoallergenic, with impressive water-absorption properties.

Coconut Fiber

The outer shell of the well-known coconut tree fruit is a mass of thin, durable fibres. These are extracted, shaped into layers and used in our products after the addition of liquid natural rubber for enhanced elasticity. Coconut fibers are noted for their durability and excellent insulation properties, at the same time allowing for sufficient ventilation in the final product.

Natural Latex

Natural latex comes in the form of a milky sap and is collected from the trunk of the tropical tree Hevea. Basically, following a traditional method, the sap is turned into layers of a product that is the quintessence of elasticity. Natural rubber is an exceptionally durable material with a porous texture that allows for sufficient ventilation. Furthermore, it is noted as an inhospitable environment for microbes and bacteria.


A treasure of rare quality, seaweed thrives in abundance in the celebrated seas and coasts of Greece. We carefully collect and clean them. Seaweed contains iodine, an essential constituent of the thyroid hormones and vital to good health. Seaweed is served as a salad dish in Greece and as sushi around the world and one of its functions is to fight allergies, asthma and respiratory ailments.


Well-known and highly respected for its soothing properties and characteristic scent. These fragrant leaves have traditionally been used as a remedy. They help strengthen the immune system, alleviate respiratory complaints and have a positive effect on concentration. We use dried eucalyptus leaves that transpire their refreshing smell.


Wood – A material, well-known for its pliability and maximum strength. COCO-MAT uses solid wood, strictly non-chemically treated, allowing the quality, grace and authentic beauty of this age-old material to work its magic.


Horsehair creates a dry environment and benefits people suffering from rheumatism, thanks to its moisture-regulating properties. The material we use comes from the horse's mane and tail. It is shaped into layers and then sprayed with natural rubber for added elasticity


Linen comes from a humble plant but has a rich history as one of the elites of the fabric making world. Linen fabrics are sumptuously soft, exceptionally absorbent and highly durable. Linen is well known as a "cool fabric", especially suitable for the warmer seasons.


Thanks to its unique insulating properties, wool is perhaps the only material that can keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. With its amazing capacity to absorb 1/3 of its weight in water, it manages to naturally regulate the environment's humidity.


This heavy-duty plant has been a resident of this planet for almost 35 million years. Yet its rare properties remain almost untouched by human ingenuity. We use its extremely robust and resilient fibres - in thin layers - to regulate humidity and maintain a dry environment.


A fragrant shrub, native to the paramediterranean regions and famous for its remedial qualities, which our ancestors knew how to put to good use. Its essential oil is widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, balms and medicines. COCO-MAT uses dried lavender flower buds inside and underneath pillows to aid peaceful sleep and relaxation.