Create your own bed!

It’s all about layers!

Introducing our innovative bed concept!

A customizable combination consisting of five essential components, bed base, mattress, top mattress, topper, and pillow.
With this unique bed concept, you have the flexibility to create your own bed, to select and combine these five parts according to your individual needs.

By choosing your own layers, you can create the perfect sleep environment that suits your body, sleep habits, and preferences.

Experience the difference between a bed designed specifically for you!

Bed base
Our metal-free bed bases are specifically designed to provide essential support for the heavier parts of
your body, with at the core our innovative ergo-base. Combined with the different layers of
natural materials it creates a truly remarkable "bottomless" sensation and provides exceptional
support and optimal air circulation.

Our handcrafted mattresses are the ideal companion to our bed base.
Together, they work in harmony to ensure the proper distribution of your body weight and offer
optimal comfort and support. The interior of the mattresses is carefully crafted with different layers
of premium natural materials, selected to provide the perfect balance of support and elasticity.

Our top mattresses absorb pressure from the lighter parts of the body, optimizing the existing
support provided by the bed base and mattress. Adding an extra touch of height to your bed, it
improves the overall sleep quality and also acts as a protective layer, safeguarding the mattress
from regular wear.

Our toppers are the finest part of the 5 layer bed concept, providing a truly indulgent experience
by delicately embracing every curve of your body. It offers a sensation as if you are "sleeping
on the clouds," taking your comfort to new heights.

Choosing the right pillow, also called the mini mattress for your head, is just as important as
choosing a mattress, it must provide optimal support for the head and neck while maintaining the
natural position during sleep...

Please visit one of our stores and create your own bed!

Our sleep specialists will help you find the perfect combination for a truly comfortable and rejuvenating night’s sleep!