Terms & Conditions FC

I agree and accept that the company called “COCO-MAT HOUSEHOLD AND HOTEL FURNISHINGS INDUSTRIAL AND TRADING SA” based in Industrial Area of Xanthi and with the distinctive title COCO-MAT, and the company called “COCO-MAT HOTELS TOURIST ESTATE CONSTRUCTIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL COMMERCIAL SA”  based in Kifissia on Tatoiou 165 & distinctive title COCO-MAT HOTELS SA, will keep on file and process the personal data that come to their knowledge under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in order to manage their products and services and their clientele. These data are not disclosed to third parties other than the company that provides CRM services on their behalf.

In any case, I have the right to information, access and objection to the processing of my data in accordance with Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997 and my right to revoke my consent to use my personal data or to request the removal of these upon notification.

Furthermore, I declare that I am aware of the conditions governing the program and the card, such as those listed below, which I accept wholeheartedly.

Each card is and remains the property of the issuing company and the owner is obliged to return it upon demand.

The card is strictly personal. It is prohibited to transfer the card in any way.

The holder is entitled to use the card at the branch network of COCO-MAT always within the terms specified each time by COCO-MAT and forwarded to the holder.

The membership card is not a credit or debit card. The holder with the card display cannot do any financial transaction, but only access privileges, as will be established and made known by COCO-MAT. The only obligation of the participant in order to have access to the privileges of the program is to display the personal membership card.

The holder is entitled to 1 point for every 5 € purchase (or equal value in another currency) in COCO-MAT products.

In no case the card, the number of points and the deductible can be returned for cash. Depending on the points collected, the owner is defined as blue, orange, green, member and benefits of the privileges of the corresponding class member. The Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed on products that are subject to promotions (sales). COCO-MAT reserves the right to unilaterally modify the reward system and amend or replace the height of the rewarding purchases.

Points earned by members from Coco-Mat stores can only be redeemed in the same country where purchases were made (not all countries participate in the FC program, please contact the nearest store to learn if the participate) Points earned by members from Coco-Mat hotels can be redeemed in all countries that have Coco-Mat stores and use the COCO-MAT FRIENDS CLUB.

The card can be replaced in case of loss, theft or damage.


COCO-MAT has the right to terminate at any time, without notice or justification, the present contract with the owner (or also prohibit any use of the card). The membership card will entitle its holder to privileges for as long as the program of privileges COCO-MAT FRIENDS CLUB is in force. COCO-MAT reserves every right to alter this period at its discretion.

COCO-MAT is entitled to unilaterally amend any term of this contract, including the method of calculation of points and the height of the rewarding purchases. Any such amendment shall be communicated to the holder by any means to the contact info, he has stated in this application or by posting of any amendment in-store of COCO-MAT or its site thereof.
• COCO-MAT reserves every right to modify or terminate the program of privileges COCO-MAT FRIENDS CLUB. In any case, there will be a written notification to the participant in the privileges program.
• If for any reason COCO-MAT modifies part or all of the conditions of the program or terminates the privileges’ program, the participant reserves no claim against the company, since he already hereby recognizes that this privileges’ program is provided by liberality of the above-mentioned company.

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