It's all about layers

Create your own bed!

Introducing the innovative four-layer bed concept
Multiple layers for greater support in every part of the body, more comfort, and a unique sleep experience.
A customizable combination consisting of four essential components, bed base, mattress, top mattress, and topper, each supporting a different part of the human body.

With this unique concept, you have the flexibility to create your own bed and select and combine these four parts according to your needs.
Personalizing your bed combination can create the perfect sleep environment that suits your body, sleep habits, and preferences.
Experience the difference between a bed designed specifically for you!


Bed base: The bed foundation with the ergo-base inside, is the cornerstone that will help you create the ideal metal-free sleep system and provide you with quality sleep. The bed-foundation supports the main weight of the body, leaving the mattress to support its lighter areas.  
A completely handcrafted construction. consisting of beechwood slats, intersecting vertically with natural latex rolls. The ergo-base renders the bed base "bottomless" and provides maximum elasticity, isometric support, and perfect air circulation.

Mattress: The mattress comes to complement the bed base and help distribute the weight evenly. Metal-free, with an interior of multiple layers of natural materials, promises the perfect combination of support and elasticity. Able to evenly absorb weight, allowing the body to relax and enjoy an ultimate sleep experience.

Top-mattress: The top-mattress absorbs the pressure of the lighter parts of the body, hugging every curve and perfecting the already existing support of the bed base and the mattress. It adds extra height to the bed and improves sleep quality while protecting the mattress from normal wear. Our top-mattresses are made of combinations of natural latex, seaweed, goose down, virgin wool, and pure cotton.

Topper: The topper is the finest of the four layers, adding a note of luxurious sensation in hugging even the slightest curve of your body. Offers the feeling of “sleeping on the clouds”.


All the layers together harmoniously work together to provide full relaxation and high-quality sleep from head to toe.