Our Story

COCO-MAT is a company that creates handmade products which reflect the authenticity of the Mediterranean culture, zealously strives to increase environmental awareness, and takes great pride in the fact that people around the world experience the benefits of Sleep on Nature. Today, COCO-MAT is an internationally acclaimed company in the field of natural sleep products and although much has changed, the dream remains the same. In more than 30 years, COCO-MAT has managed to expand its presence, from Greece to a global network of stores in more than 20 countries. COCO-MAT has branched out beyond the manufacturing and retailing of premium quality handmade natural mattresses to the hospitality industry and today successfully runs privately owned COCO-MAT hotels in 4 locations in the heart of Athens Greece and a boutique hotel in Santorini island.


Would you like an ultra-king-size mattress? You can have it because we can make it. All our mattresses, pillows, and sleep products are handmade at our privately owned factory in Xanthi, Northern Greece, so we can literally make anything.

Our Philosophy

Our every action aims for a greater cause: peaceful sleep. To achieve this, simply making the world’s best sleep products is not enough. We need to go to bed with a clear conscience too. That’s why we are actively involved in supporting non-governmental organizations and contributing to local communities.

We passionately advocate sustainable development and try to raise environmental awareness through our actions. We respect the environment, but most of all, we respect each other.


Natural Materials

A long, long time ago, before man walked the earth, the bright sun decided to bless all living creatures with its life-bearing gifts. Every day he would offer its light and warmth to the forest trees, the singing birds, the misty rivers, and the deep seas. It gave companionship to the mighty cactus, standing alone and proud, amidst the wild plains and rocky mountains, for days and years, and eons.