A complete hospitality experience

The COCO-MAT hospitality concept is a celebration of nature and authenticity! Natural materials, handcrafted sleeping creations and the desire to offer indulgent, tailor-made experiences are at the basis of the COCO-MAT philosophy, now coming to redefine the way we view hospitality in Greece.Everything about COCO-MAT Hotels is natural, eclectic, and utterly inspiring. This is exactly why staying at a COCO-MAT Hotel creates a classic and cutting-edge sensation for guests who crave a more intimate, tailored, and purely Greek-centric experience. COCO-MAT Hotels' philosophy focuses on exploring life, discovering its essence and staying true to yourself. Staying curious, staying sophisticated, staying in the know... because this is how you become truly unique!



“Historical” hospitality few meters away from the Acropolis

COCO-MAT Athens BC is nested at the city’s historical center, few meters away from the museum and the hill of the Acropolis.

Combining the glamor of ancient Athens with contemporary aesthetics, the newest “sleep on nature” destination offers a COCO-MAT sleep experience with the best views of the Acropolis, spa services and a restaurant with a “farm-to-table” philosophy.

In the open-plan design, the kinetic sculpture of ethereal birds, “Let There Be Flight”, draws the attention, while the central seating area seems to hover.

The space also includes natural elements such as plants, wood & white marble, and consequently impresses the visitor upon entering.

Its highlight is the roof top with the stunning view, from where you can almost… touch the Parthenon!

Falirou str 5, Koukaki-Athens
tel.: +30 7230000 // 


COCO-MAT Athens Jumelle


COCO-MAT aesthetics in neoclassical lines

COCO-MAT Athens Jumelle is located at Irodotou & Ypsilantou street, Kolonaki, and is the “twin” sibling of COCO-MAT Hotel Athens.

It is composed by two connected buildings, which share architectural aspects of the past-centuries Athenian life and form a modern expression of urban hospitality.

The fireplace, the wooden stairway & the stained-glass windows, are creating a wonderful atmosphere along with the patio with the wall waterfall.

Don’t stay only into the room. Follow the wooden, classy stairway and enjoy the urban charm of the roof top view or take a glimpse of COCO-MAT’s history through the mini (literally) museum of miniatures at the hotel’s entrance.

COCO-MAT Athens Jumelle
Irodotou str 2, Kolonaki-Athens
tel.: +30 7230000 //

COCO-MAT Hotel Athens


The first COCO-MAT concept store & hotel in the “heart” of Athens

Built in one of the most well-known streets of Athens, named Patriarchou Ioakeim, COCO-MAT Hotel Athens is an inspiration for many travelers thanks to its great location.

It is located in the elegant district of Kolonaki, where modern urban life meets the warm hospitality of COCO-MAT.

Indulge yourself to the hotel staff’s service and taste the homemade breakfast in front of the wall-attached waterfall. Enjoy the urban view of a serene atmosphere, just a few steps away from the center of Athens.

As for the remarkable building of COCO-MAT Hotel Athens, it is designed by the famous architect Emmanouil Lazaridis, known for the design of the Monument of the “Unknown Soldier”. COCO-MAT concept store & hotel aims to provide a full COCO-MAT experience to the visitors.

COCOMAT Hotel Athens
Patriarchou Ioakeim str 36, Kolonaki -Athens
tel.: +30 210 72 30000 //


COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika


An oasis of calmness located in the northern suburbs of Athens

COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika is the hotel that introduced the COCO-MAT philosophy of hospitality to the guests.

It is located in the northern suburbs of Athens, in the Kifissia district, surrounded by a green landscape of tall trees, where COCO-MAT's philosophy about natural lifestyle is absolutely expressed. It’s about an urban shelter, combining style harmony with exceptional hospitality to provide a modern & memorable stay.

At COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika, even the most demanding travelers find the relaxing atmosphere they seek in bright rooms, combined with amenities, homemade tastes & an open kitchen. All these, in an ambiance atmosphere that will surely bring you closer to nature.

COCO-MAT Hotel Nafsika
Pellis str 6, Κηφισιά
tel.: +30 210 801 8027 //