Sithon IX

Sheets of natural latex for neck support and goose down for softness, blend to form 3 layers of unparalleled comfort, which constitute the Sithon IX pillow. Its philosophy follows that of mattresses. Multiple layers, in a pillow that can be completely customised by the users to meet their personal needs for support and comfort. The 3 independent inner cushions allow the user to create 9 different combinations, each with a different elasticity and support level.

Sithon IΧ Pillow
Natural Materials: Natural latex, Goose down & Feathers
Cover: Cotton with zipper
Dimensions: 50x70cm
Adjustable filling: No
Suitable for all body types.


What I should know about the proper maintenance of my pillow?

Pillows with natural latex have a zipper to adjust the amount of material and are not washable.
We recommend the use of a protective cushion cover. 

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