The Pillow Positive Project


COCO-MAT has been supporting women who have undergone breast cancer surgery since 2012, as part of its social responsibility.

To date, more than 10,000 women have been helped by offering them heart-shaped pillows.
Seven oncology hospitals in Greece, 3 in Germany, and 2 in Belgium and the Netherlands have joined this action with great success, receiving positive and encouraging feedback so that COCO-MAT can continue to confidently support women in need.
The initiative called Heart Pillow Project started in 2001 at Erlanger Medical Center in Tennessee, USA and has expanded to more than 50 cities in 18 countries around the world, with the voluntary help of many people around the world.

Today, COCO-MAT, calling this action "The Pillow Positive project", helps even more women through various activities and partnerships with oncology hospitals and private doctors, aiming at a global movement of support.


What is the pillow Pillow Positive?


The Pillow Positive pillow is a soft heart-shaped pillow designed as an aid for women who have had surgery treating breast cancer.

At what stage are they suitable to be given?

Heart pads are given to women in the very first post-operative stage, immediately helping them to recover more quickly.

What does its shape help with?

The shape of the pad allows women to hold it under the arm, easing pain, helping to reduce swelling and protecting the incision site.

The support is very important as it has been reported by approved doctors that it reduces the use of painkillers to a certain extent and improves the psychology of patients.

See doctors' reports: 

What materials is it made of?

It is made of 100% cotton sheath ensuring soft contact with the skin, while its filling, made of washable pure virgin wool, ensures the required hygiene. The heart-shaped pillow is carried and offered in a COCO-MAT cotton cloth bag.

The heart-shaped pillow is made of natural materials with the well-known know-how COCO-MAT uses on its products.



Join our Movement


Our goal is to encourage participation in the Pillow Positive Project and support women with breast cancer around the world. We appreciate every referral from foundations, organizations and hospitals.

Send an email to [email protected] and join the Pillow Positive movement or refer interested individuals and organizations in need.

Pillow Positive Project membership benefits:
- Receive newsletters about future activities and pillow donations.

- Participate in the preparation of pillows and their delivery to recipients, if desired.

- Become a positive ambassador of the Pillow Positive Project by sharing news about the actions through personal social networks.