Bed-base Pyrros

Unparalleled elasticity and support for restful sleep. Its structure guarantees the best possible support for the body. 
Six layers of natural materials deliver perfect elasticity and support for all body types. Made of rubberized coconut fiber, natural latex, and seaweed. The ergo-base is the differentiating factor that makes the bed boundless, ensures maximum elasticity, and isometric support, and gives you a unique bottomless feeling.

Elasticity: 3/4

Natural materials: Natural latex, rubberized coconut fiber, Seaweed, ergo base 
Height: ± 13 in.
Cover: 100% cotton covers with zipper, quilted with wool 
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 8 years*


Suitable for all body types
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Everything you need to know

The Pyrros bed-base features three layers of natural latex, three layers of elasticized coconut fiber, and an intermediate layer of dried seaweed. 
The layers of natural materials are placed on top of the ergo-base, which sits on a solid pine wood frame. 
On one side the finishing layer is a 6 cm sheet of natural latex, which offers greater elasticity, while on the other side, it is a 5cm elasticized coconut fiber layer which is firmer, for more support.
 To complete the bed, you may choose any of the headboards available. 
Double sizes are made up of two different pieces, joined together. 
The bed base is dressed with an all-cotton cover which opens up easily thanks to the perimetric zipper. This opening allows for easy access to its inner mattress so that the user may choose which of the two sides they prefer to lie on: the firmer or the more elastic. Moreover, they can easily perform the recommended use & care instructions. 
Available in special dimensions, upon ordering.    

What is the main advantage of the bed-foundation?

The distinguishing feature of the bed-base lies in the way the bed and the mattress are harmoniously combined into a single body.
Solid wood frame, on which the ergo-base is placed. Next, come the multiple layers of natural materials. The ergo-base creates a boundless feeling, relieving weight pressure and absorbing possible vibrations. The bed-base supports the main weight of the body, leaving the mattress to support its lighter parts.
Natural, metal-free, elastic, boundless, silent.

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