Designed to offer you relaxing, comfortable sleep, our mattresses are made of natural materials which are stacked in multiple layers.


Twelve layers of natural materials skillfully combined, make up the mattress Proteas. An excellent mattress, suitable for all body types, that offers ideal support and comfort.


This exceptional mattress, is designed to cater to the ever-changing needs of your body throughout the years.
A truly unique sustainable concept!


Six layers of natural materials offer unparalleled elasticity and support for restful sleep. Its structure includes two layers of natural rubber of different thickness, which allow for the choice of degree of elasticity and guarantee the best possible support for the body. 


Nefeli mattress features absolute symmetry in the arrangement of materials, creating a less elastic mattress suitable for all body types.


Light, airy,flexible and stunning. Due to its moderate thickness, the Aphrodite mattress is recommended for lighter bodies, such as women's or teenagers'. Ideal for folding/reclining beds, thanks to its pronounced flexibility.


Mattress with a simple character recommended mainly for children and those who do not need enhanced support.