Sithon III

Duck down & feathers for a sufficiently soft pillow. Sithon III consists of three independent compartments that support the head and a neck roll that supports the neck. Its cover is cotton, of a special weave, which does not allow the down to penetrate it.

Sithon III Pillow
Natural Materials: Duck down & Feathers
Cover: Cotton without zipper
Dimensions: 50x70cm
Adjustable filling: No
Suitable for lighter body types.


What I should know about the proper maintenance of my pillow?

Washing instructions: 
Machine washable at 30°C, on the cycle for delicates. When washing, place two tennis balls in the washing machine to prevent the feathers from forming lumps. After washing, it should be dried well in a shady place on a flat surface. During drying, you must shake it regularly to loosen and fluff up the feathers, so that they do not retain the slightest moisture. If it does not dry well, it is very likely that unpleasant odors will emerge. Alternatively, it can be tumble dried on a moderate temperature.
We recommend the use of a protective cushion cover. 

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