Sleep Workshop by COCO-MAT: Learn everything about sleep

Sleep Workshop by COCO-MAT: Μάθετε τα πάντα γύρω από τον ύπνο 

On the occasion of World Sleep Day, COCO-MAT invites you on Saturday, March 7th, to an open Sleep Workshop to learn everything about sleep! 


Esteemed doctors will talk about sleep problems and suggest solutions, while you will have the opportunity to try alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and reflexology. 


Below you can see the detailed program, and to register online, you can click here. 


Detailed Program: 


11.00-11:15 | Gathering of participants 


11:15-11:30 | Greetings 


A. Theoretical Approaches 


11:30-11:50 | Topic: Sleep Posture 

Speaker: Vasilis Stefanopoulos, physiotherapist, Manual Therapist OMT, Professor of Physical Education 


11:50-12:10 | Topic: Modern Sleep Disorders as a Result of Daily Lifestyle - Healing Practices and Physical Restoration 

Speaker: Alexandros Tilikidis, Doctor, Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine 


12:10-12:30 | Topic: Sleep and Children 

Speaker: Stavroula Makrinikola, Pediatrician 


12:30-12:50 | Topic: When the Curtain Falls, Sleep is a Psychological Process 

Speaker: Stelios Koutelieris, CPsychol, AFBPsS Co-Founder of EPSYTHE, Academic Director Piraeus Institute for Integrative Counseling and Psychotherapy 


12:50-13:00 | Break 


B. Alternative Approaches 


13:00-13:15 | Topic: Holistic Nutrition and Sleep 

Speaker: Smaragda Rizoudi, Holistic Nutritionist 


13:15-13:30 | Topic: Sleep: The Right to Rest 

Speaker: Marianna Chrysikakou, WellDay Live Longevity Trainer 


13:30-13:40 | Topic: Homeopathic Medicine 

Speaker: Leonidas Vellopoulos, Homeopathic Physician 


13:40-13:50 | Topic: Reflexology and Ways to Promote Healthy Sleep 

Speaker: Anna Nagia, Reflexologist 


13:50-14:00 | Topic: Acupuncture points & herbs for sleep disorders 

Speaker: Siakfa Eva, Therapist & Teacher, Academy of Ancient Greek & Traditional Chinese Medicine 


14:00-14:10 | Topic: Presentation of the meditation and therapeutic technique Theta Healing 

Speaker: Tsingkiroglou Elina, Certified Instructor & Counselor of the Theta Healing technique from THiNK (Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge), Founder of Vianna Stibal 


14:10-14:20 | Topic: Zhineng Qigong * Sleep: The fifth pillar of Health 

Speaker: Berou Chrysi, Certified Instructor 


14:20-14:30 | Questions 


Workshops (14:30-16:30) 


For participation in the Workshops, wear comfortable clothes and bring a personal exercise mat. 


COCO-MAT Team, Bedding Manufacturing 


Chrysikakou Marianna, Meditation: The Right to Pause 


Konstantinidou Rodi, Experiential Relaxation Exercise before Sleep 


Rapti Eleni and Nasiou Chrisavgis, Energy Exercise "The Awakening of the Seed" 


Rizoudi Smaragda, Natural Juices and Beverages 


Tsingkiroglou Elina, Theta Healing 


Berou Chrysi, Zhineng Qigong 


Nagia Anna, Reflexology 


Siakfa Eva, Acupuncture 


Academy of Ancient Greek & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu 


Academy of Ancient Greek & Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Massage