Sleep Tips by COCO-MAT: Power naps, breathing, muscles & fatigue.

Sleep Tips by COCO-MAT: Power naps, αναπνοή, μύες & κούραση

Prioritizing good sleep means prioritizing love for myself. Unfortunately, today, nighttime insomnia, disturbances, and anxiety-induced sleep are frequent problems that create stress and irritation in our daily lives. 

But how can we enjoy our sleep and transform these hours of peace into a ritual? The sleep experts at COCO-MAT reveal the secrets for us to 'Sleep on Nature, Wake up on a dream!' 

The Power of Power Naps 

While power naps can be very beneficial, if we overdo it with long or irregular naps during the day, the results will be opposite to what we want. Our sleep is negatively affected, becomes disordered, and instead of feeling rested, we fall into deep lethargy. 

The best move is to set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. This way, every nap will be literally a "power" nap, as we will wake up refreshed! 

Deep Breaths 

After lying down on the bed, close your eyes and start taking deep and slow breaths. With each inhale, make sure your chest fills with oxygen and with each exhale release all the air out. 

To make relaxation even easier, place a lavender pillow over your eyes, just as you would with a sleep mask. Alternatively, you can place the lavender pillow under your sleeping pillow. The lavender scent will calm you and the mask will block out any traces of light, which will discourage you from opening your eyes or being disturbed while sleeping. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Method 

If you want to fully relieve yourself from the stress of the day before going to bed, try something different. The Progressive Muscle Relaxation Method is a well-known technique for combating stress. Starting from the toes, tense the muscle groups of the area as tightly as possible and then completely relax them. Repeat the process moving up to the head and then...sweet dreams! 

Our tiredness warns us 

The tactic of going to sleep when truly tired is the "key" to a peaceful sleep. It sounds obvious, but many of us don't apply it. Striving too hard to fall asleep simply leads to disappointment. A good practice is to get up from bed if we haven't fallen asleep in the first 20 minutes. Taking a walk inside the house or engaging in something relaxing, such as reading a book or listening to some music, will surely help with relaxation. 

Do they sound beneficial, right? However, we should close with one more advice: Before you start implementing tips for better sleep, it would be good to consider that they don't fit everyone the same way. Find the tips that make you feel better and fit your mindset, so you can make them part of the ritual you follow before getting into your bed.  


Nighttime is my time to heal.