Sleep Tips by COCO-MAT: Exercise, natural light & sounds

Sleep Tips by COCO-MAT: Άσκηση, φυσικό φως & ήχοι 

Prioritizing good sleep means prioritizing self-love. Unfortunately, nighttime insomnia, disturbances, and anxiety-induced sleep are frequent issues that create stress and irritation in our daily lives. 

But how can we enjoy our sleep and turn these hours of tranquility into a ritual? COCO-MAT's sleep experts reveal the secrets to "Sleep on Nature, wake up on a dream!" including tips on exercise, natural light, and sounds. 

Exercise early 

With the busy schedules we all have, the gym or any kind of exercise tends to get squeezed in somewhere at the end of the day. But did you know that exercise only helps improve the quality of sleep if done several hours before bedtime? This is because it stimulates the body, leading to the secretion of cortisol - also known as the stress hormone - which in turn activates the brain. This is something many of us seek, but not at night when we want to sleep. It would be good to try to complete the exercise at least three hours before you go to bed, or even better, to exercise earlier in the day. 

Maintain low sound levels 

A somewhat obvious tip is to maintain low sound levels. However, we are not talking about the volume of an open television. We are referring to sounds that you cannot predict, such as noises that may come from neighboring houses or a honking car on the street. Given that you cannot avoid them, we have found ways to... cover them up! The secret lies in "white noise"! Whether it's a fan or another machine that produces a similar sound, the only thing certain is that the sounds during the night will not disturb your sleep as much. 

Natural light for balance in the sleep cycle 

Many people know how beneficial natural light is for waking up, but few actually apply it. Natural light has the unique ability to keep our internal clock in a healthy sleep-wake cycle. That's why it's good to leave our curtains and shutters open - if possible - so that light is the first thing we see in the morning. Extra tip: Try taking short breaks from your work under the sun for a few hours - trust us, it's really beneficial! 

Create a ritual before bedtime. 

Small rituals in our daily lives are what make us love it a little more. So, create a small ritual just before going to bed and relaxation will certainly become easier. A book is a very good way to prepare for sleep. You can also facilitate the transition from the awakened state to that of sleep by dedicating half an hour before bed to relaxing activities. Take a relaxing bath, do some yoga poses, or have a glass of milk. If you tend to take your problems to bed with you, it may help to write them down in a notebook. 

They sound beneficial, don't they? However, we should close with one more piece of advice: before you start applying tips for better sleep, it would be good to consider that they don't fit everyone. Find the tips that make you feel better and fit your mindset so that you can make them a part of the ritual you follow before getting into bed. 

Nighttime is my time to heal.