Sleep on... feathers with the Alkaios duvet made of 90% goose down!

Κοιμηθείτε στα… πούπουλα με το πάπλωμα Αλκαίος από 90% πούπουλο χήνας!

A feather duvet, so many sensations... Warmth, softness, relaxation and moments of relaxation.  

At COCO-MAT, we know how important these moments are in your space. That's why we've created the Alkaios duvet from natural materials, so you can live these moments with it! 

Goose down constitutes 90% of the content of the Alkaios duvet, with the remaining 10% being goose feathers, creating a fluffy and relaxing environment without unwanted noise from feather stems. It is the perfect choice for cold climates or for those who truly enjoy warmth under the duvet. 

Of course, Alkaios is an eco-friendly duvet, and its content is certified by the Responsible Down Standard (R.D.S). In addition to its interior, its exterior is made of natural materials, with its cover being 100% organic cotton and densely woven to prevent feathers from penetrating. Furthermore, each duvet is sold with a cotton bag for transportation and storage. 

For all these reasons, with every purchase of an Alkaios duvet made of 90% goose down, we offer you a complimentary cotton duvet cover* for the month of December! Make your dream sleep a reality, naturally from COCO-MAT! 

*Offer not valid for duvet purchases made through eshop.