Revamp your bedroom with COCO-MAT's autumn essentials

Autumn is the season of transition. Warm summer days give their place to fall, and nature seems rich in colorful tones. For many of us, the shift from summer to autumn represents a fresh start.

To prepare you for the chillier weather, we’ve pulled together some tips on creating a comfy autumn bedding scheme that will see you through the season in style. Your bedroom, being the sanctuary where you start and end your day, deserves a seasonal makeover that reflects the spirit of autumn. 

At COCO-MAT, we understand the importance of a harmonious and comfortable living space. Here are some delightful ways to revamp your bedroom and embrace the enchanting essence of fall.

1.    Invest in Good Bedding Scheme:
Start your seasonal bedroom transformation with the essentials. Begin by focusing on your mattress and bed base; it's the foundation of a comfortable sleep environment. Invest in the best mattress and bed base combination. Our sleep experts suggest the Epicurus combined with Orestis

Mattresses made from natural materials like natural latex, pure virgin wool, and cotton are excellent choices for maintaining optimal temperature throughout the night. Once you've ensured your mattress and bed base are of superior quality, it's time to prepare for the chiller nights. 

Extra Tip: Elevate your bed's coziness by adding a mattress topper, like Kyriaki. With the perfect mattress, bed base, and bedding combination, you'll create an inviting fall retreat in your bedroom.

2.    Introduce Warmth with Natural Wood:
Autumn is the perfect time to bring nature indoors. Opt for wooden furniture pieces from COCO-MAT’s exquisite collection, like a bedside table Dalida. The solid oak wood creates a beautiful collection of bedside tables. The natural textures and earthy tones of wood create a warm atmosphere, making your bedroom a haven of tranquility.

3.    Layer Your Bed with Luxurious Bedding:
Transform your bed into a sanctuary of comfort with COCO-MAT’s bedding. Swap lightweight summer linens for soft, organic cotton with rich autumnal shades. Layer your bed with fluffy blankets, such as Orsalia, and cozy throws, inviting you to snuggle in warmth on chilly fall nights.

4.    Add Depth with Seasonal Colors:
Incorporate the warm and inviting colors of fall into your bedroom decor. Go for caramel tones, mango, and honey yellow. ‘Think of paler shades that can still be considered as warm colors like Arianna & Persefoni collection’ says our Deco Team interior experts. 

5.    Indulge in Softness with Rugs:
Lay the foundation for your fall-inspired bedroom with a soft and eco-friendly rug from COCO-MAT. With this purchase, you will add a layer of texture and elegance to your bedroom floor. Choose muted tones or earthy patterns to complement the autumn theme. 

More rugs are available in stores. 


Halloween Deco Tip: A simple yet effective way to announce the arrival of autumn is by placing small pumpkins strategically around your home, to add a touch of seasonal charm. 

Transform your space into a haven of warmth and style. Elevate your space with COCO-MAT's autumn essentials. Embrace warmth with our rich hues, indulge in luxurious textures, and let nature's touch adorn your home.

Discover these touches at COCO-MAT stores. Cozy up your space and embrace the spirit of autumn today!