Mattress donation from COCO-MAT to the flood victims of Samothrace

Προσφορά στρωμάτων από την COCO-MAT στους πλημμυροπαθείς της Σαμοθράκης

Mattress donation from COCO-MAT to the flood victims of Samothrace 

Hundred mattresses, with the initiative of COCO-MAT, are currently traveling from Athens to Samothrace to cover the needs of the flood victims, residents of the island, following the severe storm that hit the island on September 25th and 26th, 2017. Many homes and businesses were flooded, declaring the island in a state of emergency and seeking help since then to restore the damages.  

COCO-MAT could not fail to help households stand on their feet again, offering 100 single and double mattresses to those in need.  

We had significant support for the successful completion and delivery of the mattresses from local factors of Samothrace, Mr. Vitsas Athanasios, Mayor of Samothrace, Mr. Nikolaos Galatoumos, Deputy Mayor, and the other Deputy Mayor, Mr. Proxenos Christos.  

We also had great support and collaboration from Mr. Periklis Karvounidis, General Secretary of the Deputy Regional Governor of Xanthi, Mr. Zagnafetis Konstantinos, Deputy Regional Governor of Xanthi, and Mr. Petrovits Dimitris, Deputy Regional Governor of Evros.