How to choose the right hotel?

Συμβουλές και tips πριν επιλέξετε το ιδανικό κατάλυμα

Once you decide to organize your trip, your first thought is what is the destination that will satisfy you and make you dream about beautiful experiences.

The next step is of course the accommodation, where things get a little more difficult.

In this case, because the opportunities to arrange your holidays during the year are few and especially during this period, you want to be protected from all sorts of unpleasant surprises and bad experiences.

Your search may start with collecting information from your friendly environment and of course from the internet.

In order to choose right depends on what you ask for in terms of comfort and facilities, budget, but also how much you can trust the hotel, before you even go!


So what do you need to do to make the right choice to reduce the chances of error and frustration?


A good research is essential

Before you decide to book, talk to the hotel about any questions you may have that may you not have been understood online. Talk to your friendly environment if they suggest a hotel they have already tried. Read customer reviews from various platforms to get closer to your final choice.

Budget your trip

Setting the price you want to spend on a hotel will determine everything else. Try not to give more than you can afford in order to enjoy better any other activities during your stay.

Hotel type

Do not forget to select the hotel that matches your needs. There are hotels friendly to kids and pets or hotel characterized as “Adults Only”. It is better to contact the hotel and let them know about your profile.

Prioritize your needs

Choose a hotel according the location. A city hotel will give you the opportunity to enjoy short distance activities but you might also like to have more privacy. Prioritize your needs and choose what will please you the most.

Hotel star category

To bring off a good quality stay, choose a more than 3-4 stars hotel.

Extra services

Many hotels provide additional services included in the total accommodation costs, like breakfast, pool activities, gym facilities etc. It is good to know what it’s been offered as an extra.

COCO-MAT, the direct sleep supplier of many hotels in Greece and worldwide has built a very close relationship with them. Below you can find a very unique list of some of these selected hotels that can offer you high quality services and more.

By following the above information in combination with the list we suggest, you can be even more confident about the final reservation you will make to ensure the perfect vacations!


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