Do you know what you sleep on?

Ξέρετε πού ξαπλώνετε; 

The sleep industry is constantly evolving. But have you ever wondered what kind of mattress you sleep on and what each mattress contains? 

Recent articles have brought to the surface a major issue regarding the mattress market, which has to do with the questionable content of mattresses. 

In fact, experts in mattress recycling report that it is quite alarming what we can find inside a mattress... Among these, one can detect anything from an entire colony of bed bugs to used fabrics and many other types of dirt! 

However, at COCO-MAT, from our beginning, we believe in transparency. 

For this reason, for 30 years now we have been manufacturing mattresses with a perimeter zipper. In this way, we have the ability to approach the interior of the mattress and have a clear view of the raw materials, at any time we choose. 

We can also monitor the condition of our mattress over the years. 

Our removable, washable covers protect us from the development of microorganisms and allergies due to dust accumulation. 

Source: The Guardian