COCO-MAT store now in Tokyo!

Κατάστημα COCO-MAT και στο Tokyo! 

Starting from Madrid in 1997, COCO-MAT continues to expand internationally as well as in other continents! 

On June 17th, the store in Ariake Garden in Tokyo officially welcomed its first visitors, and our partner there, Mr. Masakazu Ootaki, warmly greeted them! 

In fact, Mr. Ootaki and his team worked under difficult lockdown conditions to bring about an excellent result. The brand-new store is located in the -also new- shopping center "Ariake Garden" and certainly highlights COCO-MAT's unique aesthetics, adapted to the local market data. 

After all, starting from Madrid in 1997, at COCO-MAT we remain faithful to the outward-looking strategy we follow, which is to constantly expand our network of stores. It is noteworthy that the COCO-MAT store in Tokyo brings the number of our stores to 106 worldwide. 

Of course, the goal of the company from its establishment in 1989 to today is to offer high-quality sleep from natural materials to as many people as possible worldwide. Thus, we seek to have a physical presence in all major cities of the world, serving our customers directly and operating as the best ambassador of Greek values abroad. 

Good luck, COCO-MAT Tokyo!