The COCO-MAT Cares Initiative

Οι δράσεις COCO-MAT Cares

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility actions, COCO-MAT implements the "COCO-MAT Cares" project. Through this initiative, we collect our customers' old mattresses upon delivery of the new ones, and after evaluating and determining that they can be reused, we transport them to our warehouse. Then, based on priority requests, we distribute the mattresses to areas where there is a need, using our own transporters, helping vulnerable groups of people and ensuring a cleaner environment. 

As a result, 10 mattresses have been donated, in cooperation with the Reserve Officers Association of Attica, to cover the needs of the flood victims in the area of Mandra in Attica. Specifically, the mattresses were offered to kidney and heart disease patients who were affected by the recent flooding. 

In addition, 2 mattresses were donated to the organization "KETHEA INTERVENTION", one of the therapeutic programs of the Center for the Treatment of Dependent Individuals (KETHEA), the largest addiction treatment and social reintegration organization in Greece, as the existing mattresses in the shelter have worn out. 


In summary, the donations include organizations such as: 

  • Panhellenic Association of Friends of Large Families (2 double mattresses) 
  • ANIMA CARE - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit (7 single mattresses) 
  • COMPANY FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT & MENTAL HEALTH - Pallenian Orphanage (1 single mattress) 
  • 3rd High School of Peristeri (15 single mattresses) 
  • ANGIGMA ZOIS (1 double mattress) 

Regarding the most recent donation through the COCO-MAT Cares action, 8 double and 15 single mattresses, 1 bed and 100 pillows were donated to the Municipality of Dirfys-Messapia to help flood victims in the wider area of ​​Evia.