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COCO-MAT COLLECTABLES 2018 Handmade Holiday Gifts That Give Back.

We believe, by connecting to like-minded people all over the globe, we can make this world a little better. And we’re always happy to welcome more people to be part of our dream and way-of-life. With our conscious COCO-MAT COLLECTABLES we support local artisans. From Lesvos to Kenya.



Ocean Sole is a social initiative to turn flip-flop pollution into art and functional products to raise awareness for the growing flip-flop problem that is washing up on our shores. Ocean Sole pays coastal communities to collect c. 520,000 discarded flip-flops off the beaches of Kenya each year.

Their fun, bright colored animal sculptures & art remind us to not forget our marine life. The earnings of Ocean Sole are being used to support the work and people of Ocean Sole, transforming the growing flip-flop problem into awareness and money for education, income and meals and marine conservation programmes.

Read more about Ocean Sole at:


Ocean Sole Animal small              € 18,00

Ocean Sole Animal medium        € 30,00

Ocean Sole Christmas Tree          € 7,00

Ocean Sole Trophee Head           € 220,00


Locally produced and traditionally handmade Soap Bars by Dutch artisan Wina Heeringa. She produces small batches of Soap Bars. Pure & honest body care without any harmful or unnecessary substances.

Made of all natural ingredients and scented with Essential Oils. With Dyllis products you will no longer suffer from irritated skin.

  • NO Alcohol & Parabens NO Sorbates & Silicones
  • NO Sulphate & Preservatives
  • Vegan

In collaboration with Dyllis we’ve selected our five favorite Dyllis Soap bars. From relaxing lavender to energizing sweet orange. Discover the soap bars at our COCO-MAT stores.


Dyllis Natural Soap 115 gr                            € 8,00

Dyllis Natural Guest Soap 5×20 gr             € 10,00


The best honey, olive oil, and salt & herbs from Lesvos and in a beautiful gift pack, including three family recipes from a Greek, Syrian and Dutch chef. These cans will surely make you (or someone else) happy and the local farmers and refugees on Lesvos as well!

The earnings of LOTS OF LESVOS are being used to support locals and refugees on Lesvos in a sustainable way, by enabling entrepreneurship and education. More about LOTS OF LESVOS via:


Lots of Lesvos Gift Set   € 29,00

Others-olive oil 500 ml  € 9,00

Olive oil refill                   € 5,00

Shop these COCO-MAT COLLECTABLES exclusively at our stores in Amsterdam, Arnhem, and Rotterdam.

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