Bed-base Pythagoras

Factors such as body weight, sleeping position (whether on the belly, side, or back), and personal sleep preferences can influence the support your body needs. Additionally, sleep preferences can change over time due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, a new partner, or evolving sleep habits. Pythagoras is a fully customizable bed base Pythagoras that takes your comfort to the next level. It includes three cassettes of different elasticity that can be rearranged in order to fit perfectly to your body type and your sleep preferences. The only thing you have to do is rearrange the cassettes inside the bed so you will feel fully supported again and you can enjoy a rejuvenating sleep for many years to come. The core of this bed is the ergo base (ergonomic base) which follows every movement of the body and effectively absorbs shocks for an undisturbed unique sleep experience. A real sustainable concept, suitable for every unique body.

Elasticity: 4/4

Our luxurious tailored Pythagoras base is completely metal free. 
A double bed is made up of two individual single-bed bases, joined together using a secure click system. 
A convenient zipper allows you to open the bed and rearrange the cassettes.
The 100% cotton knitted cover (available in 2 colors, off-white and grey), provides a soft
and luxurious feel. 

Natural materials: Natural latex, rubberized coconut fibers, rubberized horsehair, rubberized cactus fibers, oak wood, seaweed, eucalyptus, Ergo-base
Height: ± 46cm
Cover: Cotton padded with wool, with zipper
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 10 years*

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    What is the advantage of a bed-foundation

    The distinguishing feature of the bed-foundation lies in the way the bed and the mattress are harmoniously combined into a single body.
    Solid wood frame, on which the ergo-base is placed. Next come the multiple layers of natural materials. The ergo-base creates the feeling a bottomless feeling, relieving pressure and absorbing vibrations. The bed-foundation supports the main weight of the body, leaving the mattress to support its lighter parts.

    Natural, metal-free, elastic, bottomless, silent.

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