Natural, elastic, fluffy, versatile. 
Filled exclusively with natural materials, such as flakes of natural latex, down, wool, seaweed.

Pillows are like mini-mattresses for the head and neck. Choosing the right pillow is just as important as choosing a mattress. It completes the excellent sleep experience offered by COCO-MAT, while contributing to the proper body support through the ortho-cervical principle, where the neck and head do not deviate from the natural (correct) posture, the body assumes when standing upright.

Pillows for Adults

Pillows filled with flakes of natural rubber for enchased support or with goose or duck downs that provide a dreamy sense of softness and create a warm nest for the head.  Moreover, the pure virgin wool filling relaxes you with its hypoallergic properties. 
The choice is yours!

Pillows for Children

Our kid pillows offer proper support and excellent fluffiness, just like children want it. Available in two types: filled with fine goose down or pure virgin wool.