Bed-base Triton

This exceptional bed is crafted with precision and built to last!
At the core of the bed base is our metal-free ergo-base (ergonomic base) which ensures the optimal distribution of your body weight. On top of it, superimposed layers of all-natural materials. Coconut fiber, natural latex, wool, and cotton offer their well-known value. Horsehair and cactus fibers help regulate moisture. Seaweed and delicately, fragrant eucalyptus leaves, complement the design. The beauty of this Triton bed base lies in its ability to distribute pressure differently across all areas of your body, so each part of your body receives the perfect level of support, allowing all parts to relax and unwind. This specific pressure relief is vital for a healthy and ultimate sleep experience, promoting optimal relaxation and rejuvenation. The solid, oak frame subtly underlines the luxurious character of the bed.

Elasticity: 3.5/4

An outer cover of exceptionally luxurious aesthetics is made of high-quality quilted cotton. The special weaving technique used provides an extremely soft texture and endows the cover with enhanced durability for added protection.

Natural materials: Natural latex, rubberized coco fibers, rubberized horse hair, Seaweed, Cactus fibers, oak wood
Height: ± 39cm (excl. legs)
Cover: Cotton with zipper, quilted
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 10 years*

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What is the advantage of a bed-foundation

The distinguishing feature of the bed-base lies in the way the bed and the mattress are harmoniously combined into a single body.
Solid wood frame, on which the ergo-base is placed. Next come the multiple layers of natural materials. The ergo-base creates a boundless feeling, relieving weight pressure and absorbing possible vibrations. The bed-base supports the main weight of the body, leaving the mattress to support its lighter parts.
Natural, metal-free, elastic, boundless, silent.

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