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Natual Materials

Natural Materials
Carefully chosen to bring Nature's wisdom to your bedroom. The natural materials we use promote a healthier sleep environment and have a lower environmental impact.
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Our metal-free mattresses are made of different layers of natural materials, the firmer layers of coconut fiber offer exceptional support, while the more elastic layers of natural latex gently follow the shape of each unique body. 

Our iconic luxury beds
Introducing our two iconic luxurious beds, each with its own unique features and qualities.
Sleeping Pillows

Filled with natural materials such as flakes of natural latex, premium quality down and feather, or pure virgin wool , COCO MAT sleeping pillows will upgrade your sleep.

Discover the ideal pillow that will meet your and your child’s needs, by choosing among our selection of 11 unique, customizable pillows.

Our Philosophy
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Guided and inspired by Mother Nature's wisdom, we create innovative sleep products , made out of natural materials, so that we offer to everyone who uses our beds and mattresses a blissful sleep.