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NEW EXPO | COCO-MAT x ERI SHIMATSUKA Haarlemmerplein Amsterdam

On September 28th2018, we proudly present the new COCO-MAT EXPO by Eri Shimatsuka: ‘Loma’ at our COCO-MAT Haarlemmerplein Amsterdam store.


The theme of the exhibition is Loma. Loma means vacation in Finnish. It seems that this feeling of Loma is something that everyone pursues because Loma makes people happy. Finland was chosen as the happiest nation in the world according to the UN report this year.

In Eri’s opinion, Loma plays a great part in this phenomenon.

The EXPO consists of three parts. One is illustration of Finnish animals. These illustrations were originally made for annual calendars.

Each picture expresses the lifestyle in Finland in different seasons through animals. One of the things Eri loves about living in Helsinki is that the nature is so close that you can encounter animals such as squirrel, hedgehog, rabbit and even foxes regularly. Eri:

‘I’ve met almost all the animals in the illustrations near my house.’

The second part of the exposition represents 12 different designs for the Japanese textile label, Pikku Saari. Pikku Saari means ‘small island’ in Finnish. The designs are inspired by the lifestyle and nature in Finland and small happiness of everyday life. Through the design, Eri wants to introduce the way of living in Finland from a perspective of a Japanese designer.

The third part represents the design series inspired by Okinawan handcrafts.

Four original prints were designed for the Hotel Locus on Miyako island, which opened at the beginning of 2018. These designs were all inspired by traditional handcraft such as weaving patterns of Miyako – the way of weaving baskets and the process of making yarns by hand. Miyako island is situated in the very southern part of Japan, which is famous for the breathtaking color of the ocean.

Miyako is proud of their high skilled handcraft represented in ikat weaving called Miyakojyohu. All the designs are somewhat related to Loma. Eri:

‘I hope people enjoy my designs and feel a little bit of loma from it.’


This versatile (textile) designer is originally from Tokyo, currently based in Helsinki. After a summer homestay in Finland when she was 13 years old, she decided that, one day, she would return to Finland. And so she did. After having worked as an English teacher in Tokyo and Okinawa, she moved to Finland in 2007. Eri studied textile art at Aalto University, Helsinki and worked as a designer at Art Work Studio, Marimekko in 2011.

Besides print design, she also writes, designs books, coordinates and designs magazine cover designs & illustrations and translates. Everything comes together in her wish to bring small happiness to people’s everyday life.

At September 28th 2018, from 17:00 – 19:00 hrs,  there will be a special opening of her ‘Loma’ work. You’re more than welcome to visit the opening and to see her colorful work!

17:00 – 19:00 hrs

RSVP to [email protected]

You’re always welcome to just stop by our store to view her work during the COCO-MAT Haarlemmerplein opening hours (from September 28th 2018).

DATE OPEN EXPO: from 28thof September 2018
 free (during COCO-MAT Haarlemmerplein opening hours)
LOCATION: COCO-MAT store Haarlemmerplein 19, Amsterdam





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