Deco tip - Decoration ideas for the living room

Dekotipp - Dekorationsideen für das Wohnzimmer

"I love a home where I don't see anything excessive and where I find everything that is necessary," said Pittakos of Mytilene years ago! Wise! 

Speaking of today, let's focus on a quite busy space in our home, the living room, and let's see what we need to do to make it functional, beautiful, but above all without any "excesses", as the wise man said (I am really impressed ... what was prevailing in the homes back then without TVs, DVDs, cables, and other objects? I'll look into it!) 

Initially, before making any changes, we need to determine a bit the use that our living room will have according to our daily needs. For example, do we watch movies on the couch with our dog or do we play board games with family and friends? 

Whatever category you belong to, adjust it according to your needs. 

Tip 1 

Sofa. The most essential of all. 

Choosing the right sofa will make your life easier. Choose the sofa you want according to your needs. Whether you want it to turn into a bed, be a corner sofa or not, be classic or modern. It is important to measure the dimensions of the wall where you want to place it, and of course, the fabric-color. Pay great attention to its transportation. Inform the store where you will choose your sofa and verify that it fits in elevators, stairs, and doors. Otherwise, there is always the solution of a crane! 

Especially for the sofa, we will dedicate a separate, detailed deco tip! Stay tuned! 

Tip 2 

Clean up your space from unnecessary objects. 

Old magazines and newspapers that are just gathering dust on a piece of furniture, old decorations, and picture frames without a photo, there is no reason to keep them. Keep only the necessary items in your space, making it lighter and more relaxing. 

Tip 3 

Lights and more lights! Create the right atmosphere in your living room for every occasion. For holidays and celebrations (which we Greeks tend to light up even the attic lights), make sure it is intense but not excessive. A ceiling light fixture (made of crystal chandeliers or spotlights on a rod) combined with a floor lamp gives the intensity we want and diffuses beautifully in the space. For more relaxed moments, if possible, place LED strips under a shelf or inside the curtain rod, and you will see your living room change! 

Tip 4 

You can give a natural tone to your living room by placing plants and flowers. You don't need to make it a flower exhibition! A pot with an indoor plant and flowers in a vase will give color and vitality to your living room. 

Tip 5 

Pay attention to the distances between furniture. Don't cram all the furniture in one corner. Make sure the distance between the coffee table and the sofa is maximum 50 centimeters. The hallways leading to the balcony doors and other areas should be at least one meter. Try to shape your living room in such a way that it doesn't block your exits.

"Do whatever you want" Tip! 

Do whatever you want. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in your space. Put your feet on the table, even if you still hear your mom's voice echoing, play loud music that you like, paint...