Sleep System


29 layers of craftsmanship for ultimate support

Designed with great attention to detail, our Triton bed features 29 layers of craftsmanship, ensuring ultimate support, regardless of your weight.

The beauty of this Triton bed lies in its ability to distribute pressure differently across
all areas of your body, so each part of your body receives the perfect level of support, allowing all parts to relax and unwind. This specific pressure relief is vital for healthy and ultimate sleep experience, promoting optimal relaxation and rejuvenation.

This exceptional bed consists of three essential components.
- The foundation is bed base Triton, inside the core of which is our metal-free ergo-base 
It ensures the optimal distribution of your body weight since it is crafted with precision and built to last! 
- The second component is the Proteas mattress, which works in perfect harmony with the Triton bed base, to provide the ultimate support for a truly relaxed sensation and a restorative night’s sleep.
- Completing this remarkable trio is the Thalassa top mattress, which luxurious design embraces your body, providing an extra layer of softness and support, enveloping you in a cloud-like experience.

The cover is made of knitted cotton fabric and offers a delightful blend of softness and luxury.

Product information:

- Our ultimate Triton bed is completely metal free. 

- A double bed is made up of two individual single-bed bases, joined together using a secure click system.

- The 100% cotton cover is available in 2 colors, off-white and grey

- You have a choice of 2 types of legs or wheels.


- Natural latex provides greater elasticity, while less flexible materials such as coconut fiber, cactus, and horsehair ensure the necessary stability while also regulating moisture.

- The base of the mattress is fitted with a solid oak wood frame that protects the bottom of the fabric and reinforces the durability of the base.

- The all-cotton knitted and quilted cover optimizes the elasticity of the mattress, and offers an extra luxurious and soft feeling. In addition, this unique cover grants the mattress a refined and sophisticated appearance.


Height: 73 cm

Length and width: Available in all dimensions upon request.

Consists of

Βed-base Triton
Top-mattress Thalassa