Kamelia topper is made of pure virgin wool that ensures the proper body temperature for every season. Thanks to the natural properties of wool, it can keep the body warm in winter and cool in summer. It is of medium elasticity and complements all types of top-mattresses, adding further comfort and excellent support.

Natural materials: Wool
Height: ± 6 cm
Cover: Cotton with zipper 
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 3 years*
Case: The top mattress is placed inside a 100% cotton washable case with a perimetric zipper which ensures access to the materials.

Cover washing instructions:
Wash at 40° degrees
Do not bleach.
Do not Tumble dry
Dry cleaning is allowed.
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What does the topper offer?

This product enhances the support provided to the lighter parts of the body, perfecting the performance of all parts of the sleep system. The topper is produced in specific dimensions, but the handmade nature of its manufacture, allows for custom dimensions and shapes. Ideally combined with: Iviskos top-mattress or Thalassa top-mattress.

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