Where are the mattresses manufactured?

The company’s headquarters are located in the industrial part of Xanthi, Greece where the products are manufactured in a factory of 123.000 m2 with additional office space of 25.000m2.

Can I order a mattress in custom dimensions?

The mattresses, bed-mattresses and top-mattresses can be manufactured in custom dimensions.

Why is the double mattress not produced in one piece?

The two internal covers of the mattresses are joined with a single seam on their top side. On top of these a second external cover is placed, which is one piece, without a seam. This way the mattresses are independent but without a gap between them. The reason why we do is so that a) one’s bodyweight does not affect the other body, b) so that they are easier to administer ( regarding transportation, removal of the covers, turning them upside down, etc.)

If I have my own frame/base, does it need to fulfil certain criteria for a Coco-Mat mattress?

The mattress must be placed on a base that allows ventilation. The boards which support the mattress must be straight, steadyand 2 cm thick with a distance of 5-7cm between each board. It is not recommended to support the mattress with large wooden boards that do not have spaces between them because the mattress will not be ventilated enough.


What do I need to know about the maintenance of my mattress?

The mattress must be turned around every six months so that the top portion where the head rests takes the place of the bottom portion. In addition it must be flipped over every six months or less to revive its materials. In double mattresses the seam of the internal covers must always face upward. The mattress must not be exposed to the sun without cover because sunlight causes natural latex to depolymerize and decompose. In addition, it must be protected from water, sweat, or any other liquid. If it must be stored, it is highly recommended to be placed on one of its long sides (horizontally and evenly never on the sideΙ) . Never place the mattress upright, on its short side, because it wears out the materials. For more maintenance tips see our Sleep System Manual, the 4-Layer Manual and the maintenance video

Are the mattress covers washable?

They can be washed in the washing machine at 40 C, without spin dry and dried in a well ventilated space away from direct sunlight. In addition, it is recommended before they are completely dry to be stretched so that to minimize the possibilities of shrinking.

What kind of foundation is recommended for a mattress?

The mattress should be placed on a base that allows ventilation. The slats that support the mattress is suggested to be straight, stable and 2cm (0.8 in.) thick with a distance of 5-7cm (2-2.7 in.) between them. It’s not recommended to put the mattress on large wooden boards that have no gaps between them as it will not be adequately ventilated. The mattress should never be placed on flat surfaces, thick fabrics, or plastic bags, as these stop the ventilation.

Do the mattresses emit odor?

As it is common with all natural materials, our own also generate a very subtle smell for a small period of time. Rest assured, this smell is naturally harmless and decreases steadily over time.

Do the mattresses have akarea?

Regarding akarea, which has developed into the number one cause of allergies in our time, we must stress the following: as long as the covers of our mattresses are washed, the risk for the attracting akarea is eliminated.

Why does the mattress have a zipper?

The mattresses have zippers in order to allow the covers to be removed and washed. Also, we put a strong emphasis on the trust of our customers in our products; with the zippers we are able to show and explain the details of what’s inside every mattress.


What are the advantages of a bed-mattress?

The bed-mattress is made of a frame (simple wooden base) and a mattress, all in one. However, there is a basic difference between a bed-mattress and a simple bed that has a mattress on top of it: the ergonomic base which is placed on the lowest portion of the base, below all the materials of the mattress that contains the bed-mattress and makes the innovation of the company. The ergonomic base is made of eucalyptus wood slats and pieces of solid natural rubber (commonly known as natural latex). The wood slats are 6 cm wide and 1 cm thick. They are supported on 4 cloth pocket-belts which run the along the length of the bed and contain stripes of natural latex. The ergonomic base is placed inside the base of the bed-mattress and multiplies the elasticity of the bed’s surface.

Maintenance Video

Does the bed-mattress have a zipper?

Yes, this way visibility and access to the interior is facilitated and maintenance is made easy.


Available in all dimensions upon request.

Can I customize the legs and fabric of my bed-mattress and headboard?

All the bed-mattresses and headboards can be dressed in various designs and colors of fabric. These fabric covers are removable and washable, in order to protect the underlying layers from stains. The bed-mattress is supported on wooden or metallic legs, of different sizes and designs, which can be screwed on and removed easily for the user to change them whenever they desire. That is also why we offer a great variety of wheels.


What does the top mattress have to offer?

The top-mattress complements the support offered by the mattress filling the gap between the curvy parts of the body (legs, arms, neck, back), which the mattress cannot cover. Additionally it creates more distance between the body and the rigid base of the bed, offering greater elasticity and improving blood circulation. Finally the top mattress also acts as a protector, increasing the mattress’ expected lifetime.

Can I have the top mattress separately and put it on my current mattress?

Yes, if the mattress is in good condition, i.e. does not have sags or bumps.


How do I make the right choice for a pillow?

The pillow is the mattress of the head and neck. The pillows, like the mattress, must support both the neck and the head so as to not deviate from their natural (correct) position. For example, when we lay on a mattress on our back, the pillow must support the head and neck in a way that allows them to maintain a position similar to a standing one. For this to happen, the pillow must have the necessary height to fill the gap that exists between the mattress and the curve of the back of the neck.
If the pillow is higher, the head will lean forward resulting in the seventh cervical vertebra to stretch and gradually cause ache in the area. Prevailing importance in the selection of the pillow has our body.

How can I adjust and maintain my pillow?

Pillows are made of: a) natural latex flakes, b) feathers, c) a combination of the aforementioned and d) wool. Pillows with natural latex have a zipper in order to regulate the quantity of material and are not washable, except for the pillow case. Pillows with feathers are ideal for smaller body types and are washable in the washing machine at 30C (they must be allowed to dry thoroughly otherwise they may emit unpleasant odors).


What materials are you using?

Some materials that make up the bases of coco-mat products are: Natural latex, which is the sap of the HEVEA tree. Following appropriate processing it is turned into a foamy layer of natural latex . Our natural latex retains great purity, making us one of the most committed companies with regards to the use of all natural materials.

Coconut fiber refers to the fibers that cover the coconut husk. The fibers have to undergo appropriate processing and are then combined with natural latex into elasticized coconut fiber. Horsehair contributes to the regulation of humidity.

Why should I choose a mattress made out of natural materials over a mattress with box springs?

Mattresses without springs are comparatively superior to those with springs because natural materials give even, isometric body support. Springs on the other hand provide very uneven support, especially when comparing the surface directly above the spring with the surface in between the springs.
Furthermore, traditional mattresses produce noise. Although many springs are dressed with cotton, they are made of steel and still retain a higher probability to produce noise. Finally, our mattresses last longer. Their resilience over time is retained not only because of the nature of the material but also thanks to the layering of the materials, allowing for maximum elasticity without sacrificing support. Natural latex resets to its original form, while springs wear out after several years.

Whats is the difference between natural latex and memory foam?

The sheet of natural latex used by Coco-Mat comes from the sap of the HEVEA tree. After appropriate processing it is turned into a foamy sheet of natural latex which is perfectly elastic.

Why are you using elastic coco-fiber?

Coco-fibers are formed into sheets. The fibers are also sprayed with natural latex for additional elasticity.

Why should a mattress be elastic instead of just firm or soft?

For the body to rest, muscular constraints have to minimized without altering the natural state of the body. To achieve this, the entire body must be supported by the mattress to fill the gaps between that and the surface. The mattress should adjust to the shape of the body and not the opposite.
A firm and rigid mattress being, cannot absorb the curves of the body properly. So the curvier parts of the body as well as lighter parts (neck, back, legs, arms) remain unsupported. The elastic mattress is the appropriate mattress for full support of the body because it adjusts accordingly to its shape.

What kind of wood are you using for your furniture?

Coco-Mat’s furniture is made out of oak wood.

How are feather products washed?

All products containing feathers are machine washable at 30C ideally by placing 2-3 tennis balls in the washing machine. Special attention needed during drying: pillows should be placed on a flat surface away from the sun, otherwise feathers will concentrate on the bottom part and will not dry properly.