Deco tip - 5-star bedroom!

Dekotipp - 5-Sterne-Schlafzimmer!

We have all found ourselves at least one night in an expensive hotel, and what always impresses us is the beautiful materials and their unique aesthetics. However, as the day goes by, we realize what makes a room special. It is definitely the decoration, but what really relaxes us and makes us feel good is the quality of sleep. 

If you want to convey this feeling to your personal space, simply follow the steps below: 

  • First, choose the right bed. One that will make you want to sleep as soon as you see it, not just one that looks good. The size is more or less determined by your space. If a room is small, do not choose a bed with a large volume because it will make it look even smaller. Wooden or upholstered is purely a matter of personal taste. Upgrade your sleep with a COCO-MAT mattress made from natural materials and a mattress topper made of 90% high-quality goose down, and the result will definitely reward you. 
  • A large headboard will give a feeling of luxury to your bedroom. Alternatively, you could forgo a headboard and instead use an impressive rug to create the sense of security that a headboard provides. The updated collection of COCO-MAT rugs is sure to cater to every taste and aesthetic. 
  • Pay attention to the room's lighting. Choose beautiful and quiet lighting fixtures to complement the existing provisions in the room (such as wall sconces, ceiling fixtures in the center of the room, etc.). The perimeter lighting of the room always gives a more relaxing atmosphere to the bedroom, so light up the free corners beautifully with a floor lamp. 
  • Choose harmonious colors without major or intense contrasts. If you want to use different colors on your walls, the ideal choice is to use the so-called "tone-on-tone," meaning the same color in different shades without intense gradations. Choose mainly earthy colors without too much intensity. For example, a fuchsia color in a room creates intensity, while a Solomon pink gives a more gentle, pink tone. 
  • Curtains should be white, not "shiny," so that the Greek light can enter your space. They should be rich in meters, and if possible, able to run from wall to wall. Choose a beautiful fabric that creates intense folds, and don't skimp on the measurements. Don't put up a curtain that looks like a bedsheet hanging in front of your window or balcony door, unless you prefer a more "traditional" style, in which case, combine it with a handmade cut fringe at the end. 
  • Decorate your room with restraint. A few decorative pillows on the bed, a few candles, and a frame with beautiful themes are enough for a harmonious result. 
  • Nightstands with storage space are practical but not essential. Try to find nightstands that are the same height as the top of the mattress. If they are too low, they are not convenient, and if they are too high, there is a risk of hitting your head. 
  • Try to keep the room clean and tidy. Make the bed as soon as you get up. Pick up the clothes from the previous night, air out the room until you drink your first morning coffee, and fluff up the pillows. Play the role of the maid for less than 10 minutes in the morning, and when you return home, enjoy it like a hotel guest. 
  • Finally, replace the TV in your room with a small sound system, as music relaxes and calms you. Make sure the room smells nice with natural aromatics (lavender essential oils or any other scent that relaxes you) and light candles for a more atmospheric effect. After doing all of these, place 5 stars on the door of your bedroom!  


Good luck!