At COCO-MAT, we come to work by bicycle!

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Bicycles and COCO-MAT go together. It's in our philosophy, it's in our blood, and of course, it's one of our creations. 

In August 2016, a group of outdoor enthusiasts developed new products in the most natural and creative way possible. And so was founded. A wooden factory in Lykovrysi that respects the environment, people who create with love and passion, and a unique handmade wooden construction: the COCO-MAT bicycle. 

Each bicycle is made from wood that has grown in nature with rainwater and solar energy. The more it is bathed in sunlight, the more energy it stores. 

The bicycle was loved by many, but first and foremost by COCO-MAT employees. And it was adopted. But let's hear from these people who come to work every day by bike.


Antonis Vezirgiannis - COCO-MAT Kifissia 

Every day, I start from Kifissia without any anxiety about when I will arrive, where I will park, and in what mental state I will reach my destination (due to traffic and related issues)! 

I know from the outset that I will be in constant contact with the air and passers-by, smiling at them and -why not- getting to know them. They will surely comment positively on the wooden bicycle and admire it! 

Although drivers in our country are not particularly known for their... courtesy and education (with exceptions, of course), they respect and always pay attention to the cyclist on the road! 

I save the best for last, as daily exercise, of any form, relaxes, strengthens, and always makes you smile! 


Hermes Giokas/Theodore Mitoulas - COCO-MAT Kifissia 

What Hermes told us: 

I live in Agios Eleftherios, in the construction square where COCO-MAT was born. I work primarily at the Tatoyi store and my bike ride to work takes one hour every day.

For many years now, I choose the bike as my means of transportation because it energizes me and I arrive at work ready and lively. It's also the feeling of "flying" with your own power that I haven't been able to forget since the first time I rode a bike as a kid. You receive this good feeling and return it as a happier person in general and in the environment. 

If there were more cyclists, we would have safer transportation, less worry about losing our bikes, and certainly a healthier environment in every way. 

What people think and does not apply in my opinion: 

  • that you need more time for bike transportation. 
  • that you get tired and are not productive, on the contrary, aerobic exercise improves quality of life. 
  • that after work you don't have the energy to return by bike, while in reality it's the best way to unload your mind and body. 

Personally, there is only one thing I would like more, to go to work swimming... 

What Theodore told us: 

I chose the bicycle for many reasons, such as the fact that it is very unique due to its material, because I had never tried an electric bike before, because I consider it as a means that does not pollute the environment, because I exercise while commuting, because I don't have a driver's license and, in general, I don't want to travel by car or motorcycle. Besides, I think it is a very good advertisement for COCO-MAT. 

I start from Patissia usually taking 40 to 45 minutes. Other times I put it on the train to Kifisia, so I reduce the time significantly. 

Initially, the weight of it had troubled me because I live on the 5th floor of an apartment building with a small elevator, but I found another solution on how to lock and store it without having to lift it without an elevator. 

I did not encounter any difficulty with the bicycle itself except in relation to not-so-good roads, so I had flat tires a few times. Of course, the colleagues at did everything they could to help me. 

Overall, I believe that COCO-MAT was pioneering in this issue with bicycles and I share a common dream with it in this area of its goals, that is, commuting with alternative means. 


Giorgos Grigoriakos - COCO-MAT Faliro 

First of all, I must say that I did not choose the bicycle. It chose me, bicycles know... They always choose those with the strange look... The slightly "crazy" ones, those who can "ride" them a little further than what the eyes usually see. 

Bicycles don't like easy, conventional roads... Bicycles and their riders always look a little deeper, beyond the horizon, because they can simply distinguish it, breathe it, and feel it. How long has it been since you smelled the horizon, saw its colors, the sky, the birds flying, the breeze that sends and caresses your face, closed up in your ultra-modern box? 

I climb on my bike every morning because I know I can look up high and see the dazzling rays of the sun... I can open my arms and let it invade me, warm me up, and fill my soul with light! Because I can feel the coolness penetrating my entire body.  

Because in the Spring, I can see the colors, smell the hundreds of intoxicating flower scents and in the winter, I can feel the rain flowing so sweetly on my face, reminding me that I am alive and sometimes mixing my tears with its refreshing drops, which ultimately always bring relief.

To be able to see all these beautiful faces around me every morning, waiting on a street corner, usually looking somber and patiently waiting somewhat condescendingly at bus stops, and to give them a smile as I pass by, "winning" for a few brief seconds that fleeting optimistic look in their eyes, even if it means taking on their unbearable sadness for just a second. It's so magical, so uniquely impactful. People no longer smile in their cars and they can't see others doing so, locked up inside. 

To be able to walk by the street corner where I met the most beautiful girl in the world and fell in love with her gaze forever... Where we hugged like there was no tomorrow... And every time... every morning... I relive that hug so vividly, because I can reach out my hand and touch her... smell her... feel her. 

Because every distant gaze of mine ends up at the Acropolis, this wonder of the ages that was gifted to us and that every time I look at it, it's impossible to hold back the tears... And that's when I seek the rain to mix with the tears... For this blessing... For this happiness to live and bike in this place! 

Why does the big road lead me to the sea, where you've forgotten it exists? Trapped almost mournfully inside your otherwise likable four-wheeled vehicle with dark windows and the artificial air of the air conditioner. This infinity of the sea that penetrates you like a wave and fills you with so much blue for two more lifetimes! 

Now think... before I open the door to go to work, I have already seen, experienced, and felt all this joy... In front of all this, what could ruin my day? 

I could write to you about all the things I experience daily on my bike crossing the city, and hundreds more reasons why I choose it as a means of transportation... as a way of life. I could write to you about the environment, physical condition, health, and well-being it provides me... but you already know that. That's why I invite you to come with me tomorrow and see it for yourself... Let me hold your hand and experience it together, on this beautiful wooden saddle! 

(For the record, I start every day from Metamorfosi and end up in Paleo Faliro, covering a distance of 42 km (round trip). It takes me about 50-55 minutes to reach the store.) 


Marianthi Stamou – Ble Kedros 

Those who tried cycling, liked it! I belong to this category. 

I've been cycling for about six months now. I live in Kifissia and to get to COCO-MAT, I travel 3.7 kilometers in about 15 minutes. For me, it's now something very nice, practical and easy, which will not leave my everyday life. 

Cycling creates a feeling of well-being and makes us more social. You observe the environment, exchange greetings - not to mention that a COCO-MAT bike never goes unnoticed! 

Cycling is beneficial for both body and mind. Therefore, we have no reason not to incorporate it - some more timidly and some more aggressively - into our lives. Finally, let's not forget that we can always use it in combination with other means of transportation to get even further... 


Take advantage of the COCO-MAT bikes and... enjoy your rides!