20 years of Coco-Mat in Chalandri, 20+ years of history

The Coco-Mat store in Chalandri - the first Coco-Mat store - is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with two weeks full of offers. 

Let me tell you a story. A birthday story, one of those that motivates you. 

1998. We are at Coco-Mat Chalandri, on 25th March Street, a corner shop. Old and deliberately aged. In contrast, the staff always young and deliberately youthful. 

An important part of it, one of the fathers of the Coco-Mat project: Paul Evmorfidis. The man who, then, just before 2000, woke up at dawn to beat the work and not let the work beat him. The one you would hear speaking three different languages at the same time, in order to satisfy all customers at once. And in a magical way, he managed it. Luck? Probably luck and talent together. And, of course, having a precious product as his Trojan horse: mattresses made of natural materials. 

Next to Paul is George, the man who has been 'running the store' until today. Since then. He's the one that the customers know by his first name. 

Like that motorcycle enthusiast, somewhere around 2000. He enters the store shortly before closing, looks at the mattresses and declares confidently, 'Don't worry, I'll try out the mattresses myself... You guys go ahead and do your job, please.' And that's what happened. Until they closed. They sat at the desk, which was then located right at the entrance, dealing with bureaucratic matters of orders and sales. The motorcycle enthusiast was in his own nirvana, in the second-to-last bed of the 'bed gallery' - a dead corner for the salespeople. 

A little over 20 minutes later, the layabout appears with clear signs of waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Vally, who worked with George, made him coffee. Hospitality even after closing, because philosophy isn't just about sleeping, it's first and foremost a characteristic of Coco-Mat people. And he, having happily drunk it, left having ordered an 'Atlas' mattress. He slept well and so did we. That's how the 'salesman' stops being anonymous and becomes George. With his nickname. 

On the other hand, Paul may no longer be in the store, but he is everywhere. One day you'll find him in Amsterdam, cycling through every unmapped point, and the next day he'll bring Amsterdam to Greece, cycling the entire Kifissia. These are the breaks from his never-ending struggle to leave the next generation with an environment with as little damage as possible. 

In 1989, the first catalog was released, titled "Mattresses of Quality and Reliability," and it was not lying. That's how the mattress started, how it continued, and how it will continue, with time and of course our people as our allies: George, Vally, Christina, Alexandra, and many others. We entered the dance and danced. At first, we may not have known the steps very well, and the person next to us may have stepped on us a bit, but we continued with passion, a lot of passion. 

And the first store in Halandri gained company, to be exact, another 105 stores. We are proud that our first "child" is turning 20. 

Happy anniversary, Coco-Mat Halandri! 

This is valid until stocks are exhausted. 

**Come and celebrate with us from October 1st to 13th and take advantage of a 50% discount on the "Ivyscos" upper deck and 20% off the rest of the collection. 

Additionally, enter the draw to win natural skincare products from the Greek company Zealots of Nature.