Sofa Molly

Sofa Molly is a day-bed sofa, with a low back and no arms. It's characterized by a simple, unpretentious design and conspicuous points with solid wood. It consists of an oak frame, with legs extending upwards, "embracing" the seat. The seat cushion consists of layers of natural materials. The back cushion is easily removed, transforming the sofa into a single size bed. In addition to natural materials, ia also contains sand, in order to adapt to the body shape, while remaining stable.


The pillow cover is removable and washable.
Fabric options are available for selection.

Dimensions (LxWxH):
196 × 88 × 43 cm.



    Back Pillow Dimensions: 150x24x28cm // 59''x9.44''x11.02''

    Leg height & width: 18x6cm // 7''x2.36''

    Base Width: 4cm // 1.57''

    Seat Width:  18cm // 7''

    The frame is made of oak wood. The seat cushion is stable and filled with layers of natural material (coconut, latex, and cotton padding). The covers cannot be removed.

    The back cushion is made of latex and contains sand in order to add weight and making it difficult to move.

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