Layers of natural latex, coconut fiber, seaweed, and horse hair lie on top of our innovative ergo-base and form our bed-bases, providing unparalleled support and distributing your body weight so you will enjoy a truly comfortable sleep experience. 

Our bed bases can be combined with any mattress.
A double bed base is made up of 2 individual single units joined together using a secure click system.
This construction allows two people to sleep comfortably, enabling independent movement without disturbing each other. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain and transport. 
Upon ordering it is handcrafted in every possible dimension even custom shape.

Bed-base Pyrros

Bed and mattress become one. 
The way the natural materials it contains are combined ensures perfect elasticity and unparalleled support for every body type. The ergo base, the foundation of the whole base, absorbs any possible vibrations and weight pressure. Layers of natural materials deliver perfect elasticity and support for all body types.

Βed-base Triton

COCO-MAT's crown jewel: Designed with great attention to detail, our Triton bed base features 13 layers of craftmanship ensuring ultimate support, regardless of your weight.

Βed-base Pythagoras

Multi-layered, ingenius, charismatic. A bed that adapts to the needs of each body, offering multiple performance options. The orthosomatic principle at its best! 

Bed-base Eas

Bed and mattress become one. 
Rubberized coconut fiber, natural latex, and horsehair are placed on top of the ergo-base, composing a bed-foundation of medium elasticity, capable of offering proper support to every body type.

Bed-base Kouros

Kouros bed base is made of solid pine wood.
Its cover is made of 100% cotton, quilted with pure virgin wool.
Kouros base is specially manufactured so as to allow for ideal air flow and ensure proper support of the mattress.
In its double dimension, the base consists of two single  joined- together  pieces.

Bed-base Orestis

An elaborated base, it enhances the performance of any type of mattress, thanks to its elasticity. Its cover is made of cotton, quilted with pure virgin wool.

Bed-frame Tilemachos

Timeless, minimal and elegant design, with an aesthetic value that remains unchanged over time. Its design allows you to choose the style that best represents you, as the bed's perimetric frame can be visible or not.

Bed-frame Artemis

Artemis bed combines the warmth of natural wood with the streamlined, dynamic lines of its design for an especially elegant effect.