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If you are looking for a fake id website you may be bewildered by all the options.

So you have probably tried searching for a list of “The Best Fake ID websites” to make it a little easier for you.

We have prepared a list so that you will have no issues.


Why Fake ID?

Fake Identification cards can be used for so many different reasons. By far the most popular reason that people use Fake Id’s is because they have not reached the legal age yet. They have decided that they dont want to wait for years until they can go purchase alcohol or visit nightclubs with their friends.

In every country the drinking age is different:


United States – 21. This one is the craziest out of all of them. Every other 20 year old in the world is allowed to party and have fun as much as they want – but 20 year old Americans can’t. They can even legally go off to war but can’t buy 4 beers! That’s what we call a backwards law.

Luckily the USA also has the biggest range of Fake ID websites. Here is our list of our favorite ones:

1) Litfakes.com – This is it people – the highest rated ID site for all of USA. Known throughout almost every college dorm and campus, they are the only site that has managed to provide GUARANTEED scannable id cards but without charging through the roof. They will also let you return any product without any questions asked.

Our favorite thing about them? That they accept Zelle & Cash App!

Card Quality: 10/10

Card Range: 10/10 (All 50 states)
Shipping speed: 7/10
Price/Value: 9/10

2) ScannableFakeID.com – Known for it’s incredibly high quality ID Printers, they have the most expensive ID equipment. If you need an extremely high quality card this is where to look.

Card Quality: 10/10
Shipping speed: 7/10
Price/Value: 9/10

3) ID God – Idgod.org – The 2nd oldest fake id website in the world, based in China and known for its quality. Just make sure you are purchasing from this URL – idgod.org <- important it ends in .org
Card Quality: 9/10
Shipping Speed: 8/10
Price/Value 8/10

4) IDChief.org – The very oldest id company in the world (yes you can google it!). Comes in 3rd best after the 2 above.
Card Quality: 8/10
Shipping Speed: 8/10
Price/Value: 7/10

5) Fakeyourdrank.com – One of the most popular sites out there. Some of the templates need updating though
Card Quality: 8/10
Shipping speed: 7/10
Price/Value: 7/10


Australia – 18. Australia’s drinking age is 18 but they have some of the strictest rules in enforcing it (they are known as the ‘nanny state’). Customers can purchase high quality fake ID cards from Ozfake.com as well as birth certificates, medicare cards and fake passports.

They will even offer 100-point-packs for sale which allows a customer to sign up for bank accounts, new phone numbers, and anything else that your imagination can think of.


18 to 19. It depends on the different provinces but the drinking age is between 18 and 19. The best website for Canadians to purchase their Fake ID from is FakeIDCanada.com

This website also offers fake native status cards as well as a choice to ‘register’ the drivers license so you can officially drive on it.


Europe captures so many different countries so there is a white variety of laws. For example in Norway one must be 18 to purchase a beer, but 20 to purchase a strong spirit. In Sweden you can purchase a beer in a pub with 18 years old, but you can’t get buy some alcohol to take home with you unless you are 20 years old.

Germany and Australia have some of the most relaxed laws, where a 16 year old can purchase a few drinks in a pub and also to take home.

Spain, Italy, France all have the age set at 18 years old.

The best Fake ID website for European licenses and cards is FakeID.ch they make a large variety of cards for all the big European countries. If you have a country in mind that is not listed on the website, then simply contact them via email and they will be able to assist you with that.

————-How much do Fake ID’s cost?————-

The price of a Fake ID varies and every state and country is different. But as a general rule, a Fake ID in Canada and US starts at $80 and goes up to around $125.

The price in Australia and Norway/Sweden is higher – around $250 as these are much wealthier countries (with small populations too so it does not pay off making a licence for that country and then charging a small price).

The price for France/Germany/Italy is around 150 eur.

All of these websites accept Bank Transfers and Bitcoin as payment methods. The american websites accept Zelle and Cash App too.