From Gavdos to Nordkapp with COCO-MAT wooden bike!

12,400 km with COCO-MAT’s wooden bike – An unforgettable Greek effort with international participation and impact!

True to his passion for bikes, COCO-MAT’s founder Paul Efmorfidis completed on July 2nd a great cycling trip with Greek handmade wooden bicycle.

Together with a few daring and dreamy friends, they crossed Europe, from the southernmost point of Greece, Gavdos, to the northernmost point, Nordkapp in Norway. The route was planned based on COCO-MAT stores across Europe, which served as resting spots.

The journey of 12.400 km lasted 114 days, with lot of stubbornness, fatigue but also with a passion for the ultimate goal.

At the end of the journey, the mayor of Nordkapp Mayor, Mrs. Kristina Hansen, welcomed the team with great enthusiasm and appreciation. Paul donated a wooden bicycle on behalf of COCO-MAT, which will remain at the cape of Nordcapp as a symbol of unification of the two countries.

During their travel, Paul and his companions raised awareness for the “Pillow Positive”, a COCO-MAT corporate social program, for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.