Deco tip #7: 6 headboards – 12 zodiac signs

Don’t worry you haven’t lost me to astrology! Yet…
No no…I just decided to dare match 6 headboard options with the signs as I have “translated” them through my personal opinion.

#1 We’ll start off with my sign…Fish and Cancers. The choice these 2 signs would make theoretically, would be a headboard with a quiet shape and subtle decorative details like piping or topstitching in contrasting colour. Headboard Ira is a good choice since it has a clean “rectangular” shape and looks compact but also light. These two signs would choose it because it would make them less bored. Ideal fabric colour: any blue, white and black.

#2 A Taurus and a Virgo would look for a showstopper that would also seem effortless. An ideal choice would be the Triton headboard which dominates the space because of its dimensions and its plaid surface pattern makes it luxuriously minimal. Dark grey, brown and terra-cotta would be fitting colours I think.

#3 Headboard Erato would be the choice of a Scorpio and a Capricorn. Sophisticated minimal design and a light quilting on the fabric and the frame make it timeless. It gives off prestige and stability, qualities highly appreciated by both signs. Sand beige, grey and light brown would be colours that would draw their interest.

#4 Sagittarius and Libra would look for a headboard with optical symmetry. Headboard Avgi, elegant and classic, would be ideal. The sense of balance is satisfied because, due to its construction, each bed needs 2 pieces of headboard. One headboard each and everything is perfect. Colours of the sand, olive green and warm greys for the fabrics would make these signs really happy.

#5 Aries and Leo…anything is fine! Easy going people, warm and hospitable. The same for the headboard Gea. It adds warmth and makes the room feel cozy. The buttons on each side make for a subtle ornament, something both these signs appreciate. A timeless classic with a light, unfussy design. Beige, green, paprika and warm grey in linen fabrics would be their choices.

#6 Gemini and Aquarius! Not the most stable things…to the point where they might put a headboard one day and remove it from their bed the next. Headboard Xanthippi provides this option. A simple, special design makes it perfect to be used as a room divider (even between the beds if necessary) when these two signs get bored with it. Since this particular headboard is wooden I would recommend painting the wall…it’s much easier.


I hope my predictions are wise and correct and my talent in astrology is recognized.
If not…please feel free to comment!


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