COCO-MAT's crown jewel : the TRITON bed. At its heart is the ergo-base, designed to absorb shock and pressure offering excellent support while enhancing the performance of all types of mattresses. On top of it, superimposed layers of all natural materials. Coconut fiber, natural rubber, wool and cotton offer their well known value. Horsehair and cactus fibers help regulate moisture.


Seaweed, emitting iodine, known for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system and the delicately fragrant eucalyptus leaves. At the base, the solid oak wood subtly underlines the luxurious character of the bed. An outer cover of exceptionally luxurious aesthetics is made of high quality quilted cotton. The special weaving technique used provides an extremely soft texture and endows the cover with enhanced durability for added protection.

Natural materials: Natural rubber, Coco fibers, Horse hair, Seaweed, Cactus fibers
Height: ± 39cm (excl. legs)
Cover: Cotton, Wool
Dimensions: Custom dimensions
Warranty: 20 years


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