Down Duvet Alkeos

Duck and goose feathers create a wonderful combination that forms the filling material of our Alkaios duvets. Its fabric is made from 100% high-quality cotton, featuring double stitching and special internal processing to prevent the feathers from penetrating. It is available in three different thermal performance levels (tog scale), allowing users to choose the suitable Alkaios duvet for all seasons of the year.

Option 1: Thermal performance: 12 togs / Composition: 90% goose down - 10% goose feathers. Suitable for cold climates and low temperatures.
Option 2: Thermal performance: 10.5 togs / Composition: 90% goose down - 10% goose feathers. Suitable for moderate to low temperatures or areas with mild winters.
Option 3: Thermal performance: 7.5 togs / Composition: 30% duck down - 70% duck feathers. Suitable for moderate temperatures and cool spring and autumn nights.


What is the tog scale?

Togs represent the thermal performance of a duvet. The desired warmth provided by a duvet may vary depending on the season, climate of the area, the temperature at which you feel comfortable sleeping, and the room temperature.

Washing instructrions: 
Machine washable at 30°C, on the cycle for delicates. When washing, place two tennis balls in the washing machine to prevent the feathers from forming lumps. After washing, they should be dried well in a shady place on a flat surface. During drying, you must shake them regularly to loosen and fluff up the feathers, so that they do not retain the slightest moisture. If they do not dry well, it is very likely that unpleasant odors will emerge. Alternatively, they can be tumble dried on a moderate temperature.

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