Charge your electric car at COCO-MAT Kifissia!

Φορτίστε το ηλεκτρικό σας αυτοκίνητο στην COCO-MAT Κηφισιάς! 

At COCO-MAT, we are advocates of the "green" philosophy and we take care to adopt new trends that contribute to a cleaner planet. Therefore, we have decided to install a charging station for our customers' electric cars in the parking lot of our store in Kifissia! 

This is an installation with the signature of EVBOX, a pioneering company in the manufacture of electric vehicle charging systems and accompanying management software. Its mission is to assist in the construction of a future where daily transportation will be sustainable and free of emissions, bringing smart charging solutions for electric vehicles worldwide. 

Did you know that compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, electric vehicles reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 54%? For this reason, many countries have already announced their intentions to significantly limit the sales of gasoline-powered cars, some of them as early as 2025. 

Through this project, we too want to become helpers of this effort and of course to share our "green" ambition, which is nothing else but to contribute to the transition from conventional to electric cars. 

The installation of this infrastructure was carried out in collaboration with NOVATECH Engineering, the authorized representative of EVBOX in Greece. 

Note: To charge your car, you can contact the store and get the special card.