About sleep. | The 10 minutes you should not neglect for a perfect sleep!

You are the most important thing you have and you deserve a wonderful, sweet, deep sleep that will rest you and recharge your batteries. However, in order to enjoy such quality sleep, you need proper preparation and the secret lies in self-care, an easy and enjoyable process that needs a little practice until it becomes a habit. 
There are scientific studies that prove that a warm bath before lying down in your "fluffy" bed can improve the quality of your sleep. The products you use will also play an important role. The pure soaps with a 100% natural composition of herbs and essential oils, will take off your bathroom. 

10 minutes is enough! 
Relaxing bath 

Wet your hair well and scrub it directly with a natural soap until a rich lather is created. Massage the entire head and neck for 2 – 3'. Just let go and enjoy the beneficial properties. Rinse well and continue with the solid hair cream. Let it work while you rub your whole body with a natural sponge, following circular movements from bottom to top. The body now warms up and brings a large amount of blood to the surface. 
The muscles and nervous system relax, while the mind is emptied of the hustle and bustle of the day. Bacteria "embrace" fatigue and stress and leave quietly. Going outside, the unnecessary heat is released into the air and a feeling of coolness washes over you. Body temperature is now regulated. That's it! 
If you also have a bathtub, the pleasure multiplies. Fill it with steaming water. Pour in some Epsom salts mixed with essential oils for detoxification. 
The details that will make the difference 
I suggest you put your cell phone on airplane mode, or better yet, turn it off. Choose any music that relaxes you, from Ludovico Einaudi to nature sounds. Light a soy candle to further relax the atmosphere. You are now preparing to surrender your body and spirit, diving into the paradise you have just created. Soak and enjoy for 20 minutes. 
Going out self-care continues. Pour a few drops of essential oil into your palms and apply to your wet skin. This way you will "lock in" more moisture and the hydration will last longer. Apply the corresponding oil on the face, because it is known that regeneration takes place during sleep. 
Your COCO-MAT bed and clean sheets are now ready to welcome you. 
Tell me a little, how do you feel? 
Sabahat Amiler