Sofa-Bed Simos

Introducing Simos — a stylish sofa-bed that seamlessly combines elegance with functionality. This compact yet chic solution effortlessly enhances any space, transitioning from a modern two-seater sofa to a comfortable queen-size bed with a simple movement. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, Simos effortlessly complements any interior decor, from cozy living rooms to inviting hallways. Its sleek silhouette and solid oak wood legs exude sophistication while ensuring long-lasting durability. Simos is made from natural materials including natural latex flakes, coconut fiber, cotton and feathers. The seat and back cushions are filled with a blend of natural latex flakes and feathers, providing optimal comfort and relaxation.

Featuring a sturdy wooden frame and coverings made from natural materials, Simos transforms into a queen-size bed measuring 196x136cm, ensuring a restful and quality sleep experience for guests or yourself.

Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort, with sofa-bed Simos — a versatile piece that adds elegance to your space while adapting effortlessly to your ever-changing needs.

Combined with: Top-mattress Iviskos for a quality and elevated sleeping experience.


Technical Specifications:

• The frame of the sofa is constructed from plywood
• The fabric of the sofa is fixed and non-removable
• The 2 cushions (back & cylindrical) have covers with zippers that can be removed and washed
• The back cushion contains a blend of feathers & natural latex flakes
• The cylindrical cushion contains natural latex flakes

• Sofa dimensions: 217x90x70cm.
• Back cushion dimensions: 90x40x10cm.
• Cylindrical cushion dimensions: 51x20cm (diameter).
• Leg height: 5cm.
• Seat height: 40cm.
• Backrest height: 70cm.
• Armrest thickness: 8.5cm.
• Bed dimensions: 197x135cm.

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