When we founded COCO-MAT back in 1989, we shared a common dream; offer blissful sleep to every person who sleeps on our beds, our pillows and our mattresses.

Using Nature’s wisdom as a guide and source of inspiration, we created innovative products and home furniture, made with natural materials.

Our company since then has grown to become a global brand with stores in 14 countries worldwide.

Many things have changed, but our dream remains the same.

Every time you wake up happy, after a deep, restful sleep, you make it come true.


Would you like an ultra-king-size mattress? You can have it, because we can make it. All our mattresses, pillows and sleep products are handmade at our privately owned factory in Xanthi, Northern Greece, so we can literally make anything.

Our factory has a virtually neutral carbon footprint and recycling reach 96%.

Without smoke or noise, experienced craftsmen work patiently, following traditional carpentry methods, with respect to the environment and the region’s eco system.

We also take extra pride in using naturally replenished raw materials, such as cotton, seaweed, wool and wood, sourced locally in Greece and Europe.


Our every action aims to a greater cause: peaceful sleep. To achieve this, simply making the world’s best sleep products is not enough.

We need to go to bed with a clear conscience too. That’s why we are actively involved in supporting non-governmental organizations and contributing to local communities.

We passionately advocate sustainable development and try to raise environmental awareness through our actions.

We respect the environment, but most of all, we respect each other.

We promote equal opportunities among our employees and we embrace people from all sorts of ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on making the best beds in the world, but more importantly, we also want to make the world a better place.