Member FAQ

Are my points redeemable?

Your points are not redeemable. You accumulate points with your purchases in order to upgrade membership status and have access to more and better offers.

Do my points expire?

Your points do not expire. Each hotel offer has specific time limit, which is defined by the hotel that makes the offer.

What can I do if I lose my card?

In case you lose your card you can send us email at [email protected] in order to replace it.

Can I change my offer?

If you do not like a specific offer, you can choose not to buy it. The offers are updated every two to three months.

Can I get an offer having accumulated fewer than the required points?

You must have accumulated the points corresponding to the member type the offer belongs, in order to obtain it.

How do I get my offers?

You can get your product offers from any COCO-MAT store or from our e-shop, and your hotel offers by making reservation on line or by phone.

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